USDC Hosting offers a simple–to–use website creator which you can utilize to publish your website without the need to write even one line of code. It’s really easy to use and master, with a very common dashboard. The website creator has a range of different design templates which are perfect for multiple site types, and each site template has numerous color and layout setups. Moreover, all site designs are mobile–friendly and work on phones, tablets and desktops.

The website creator is included with all shared hosting, Linux VPS plans, semi-dedicated servers, and dedicated servers offers, if you select the USDC Hosting Hosting Control Panel.

A simple–to–use website creator

No web development expertise is necessary

The key advantage of the USDC Hosting’s website creator is that it’s truly simple as ABC. It works with layout elements which you can add, personalize and re–arrange to your liking. At any moment, you could insert photos and videos, set up a blog, or install a discussion board on your site, all with just a click of the mouse.

You can do everything and make a good–looking website without needing to write a single line of HTML or CSS, etc.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

A collection of easy to re–design site designs

Modern–looking templates that look excellent across mobile phones

In order to create an enticing site, you will need to create a reliable foundation. That is why, the USDC Hosting’s website creator features a vast selection of different design themes, perfect for any type of websites – personal pages, e–stores, community boards, etc.

Each design theme is easy to re–design, with numerous designs, unique color combinations and in–built support for well over a hundred different web fonts. And you can change each of these settings with just a mouse click. Plus, if at any moment you want to replace your theme and go for a different one, all tweaks you have completed will be carried over automatically.

A collection of easy to re–design site designs

In–built help area and step–by–step videos

Check out just how uncomplicated it actually is to launch an online presence

The USDC Hosting’s website creator is equipped with a helpdesk which features comprehensive how–to articles and video tutorials triggered by the most frequently asked questions by clients.

You can watch how to change your website template and launch a new web page. Also, you’ll be able to check out how you can select a different website theme or perhaps add a blog onto your website.

Apart from that, you could get in touch with us at any moment in case you require real–time help with your website.

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