The Website Installer located in our USDC Hosting Hosting Control Panel will provide you with a fast and easy way to create a fresh website that has a custom web design in under 5 minutes. All it requires is merely four easy steps for your new web site to be on the Internet. It is possible to make a choice from over 200 readily available web themes and just as soon as everything is completely ready, you’re able to maintain your web site with ease. We’re going to provide you with logon credentials for the administrator’s area and you should be able to start including brand–new web pages in an instant. If, at any time, you need guidance – our tech team members are on hand 24/7/365, prepared to assist you.

The Website Installer is obtainable each shared hosting, Linux VPS plans, semi-dedicated servers, and dedicated servers offer coming when using the USDC Hosting Hosting Control Panel.

A Webpage Installer For Everybody

Build a brand new website without having any technical competencies

The webpage installation tool links the space in between technologically non–prepared customers and difficult website production and style and design. Using the tool, you won’t need to have to have got any expertise in HTML or CSS. You’ll simply need to select how your website is going to appear like and click on the Install button in the application. That’s everything. Next, it is possible to feature brand new web pages and upload your own pictures with a click of the mouse. No program code to generate, no design and style to work on. Everything is addressed from the easy–to–use application in the backend and is also accomplished within seconds.

In case, for reasons unknown, you’re not happy with what you have done, you can anytime reverse the alterations and try again.

Easy-to-use Website Installer

Over 200 Web–site Templates In Your Hands

Install your site with merely a click

To aid you to bring your brand new web site online as fast as possible, we have created an array of web themes you could use. Depending on the topic of your web site, you will find a perfect theme for use on your blog site or photo gallery as well as the optimal layout for your portfolio. All templates are accessible for no–cost download inside your Hosting Control Panel. We’ve been working to construct unique design templates in accordance with the most up–to–date style and design trends as a way to provide you with a better option for your own web sites.

200+ Free Templates

24/7 Tech Support Team

Our tech specialists are at your disposal 24 hours a day

The tech support personnel comprises of professionals that have worked well a few years in the website hosting sector. They are trained to take care of various problems and are available around the clock, ready to help you. In addition to that, we have Frequently Asked Questions and plenty of video tutorials.

Additionally, you can expect a 1–hour reply–back time period guarantee, which means that you will definitely get a reply to your inquiry as fast as possible. The regular response time is lower than twenty minutes.

24/7 Support