In case you need a highly effective Internet hosting solution for your websites, you'll need a standalone hosting server simply because a shared website hosting plan may not be capable of handling the load or you may simply need some software to be present on the server. While a shared web server is managed by the hosting provider, that isn't the case with a virtual or a dedicated machine, thus you will have to handle several tasks which include keeping a backup of your content or the installation of software. This can be a problem in case you do not have a whole lot of experience or you simply don't have time to take care of such problems. For this kind of cases we offer a Managed Services upgrade, which includes a number of tasks which our system administrators can do for you, saving you the time and the inconvenience to do them yourself. This upgrade shall help you start and maintain a booming web presence and you'll be able to concentrate on developing your Internet sites rather than handling small tedious tasks.

Managed Services Package in VPS Servers

The Managed Services plan is available for every single VPS server that we offer and if you want to take advantage of this extra service, you could add it with a couple of mouse clicks when you sign up or at a later point in time through your VPS billing area. The upgrade can be renewed every month, so you can decide if you'll use it constantly or only from time to time in case you require it. It offers many things that will make the management of your server easier - a weekly backup of the whole virtual private server irrespective of how much space you have used, regular tracking of the running processes and restarting if needed, weekly Operating System updates for better security and performance, and installation and troubleshooting of third-party programs. That way you can make the most of the full capacity of a virtual web server without needing to worry about the technical part as we will aid you with any issue that you might encounter.

Managed Services Package in Dedicated Servers

The package is available with all dedicated servers which we offer and if you want to take advantage of all services it provides, you can add it with a click on the hosting server order page or every time you need it from your billing CP. You could also decide if you will employ this upgrade constantly since it can be renewed independently from the dedicated hosting server plan. In the event you have important info on the server, we'll back it up regularly as fifty Gigabytes of disk space on an independent server will be at your disposal. Our admins shall also monitor the server all the time, install the most recent updates for its OS and restart it every time this is necessary. As the Managed Services package features installation and troubleshooting as well, they'll also help you with any third-party software and handle the installation for you. This will allow you to use our hosting server even if you aren't very tech-savvy and you haven't used a machine of your own before.